DMCI Homes

is the country’s first real estate firm to be recognized as a Quadruple A contractor. A builder/developer of premium quality, urban-friendly, serviced communities for young families of modest income that aspire to live comfortably near their place of work, of study and of leisure. For the growing family with limited options in an increasingly challenging urban living situation, we at DMCI Homes are here for you.

DMCI Homes

, we build more than condominiums and houses, we build communities that respond to the needs and wants of the Filipino family. Residential communities by DMCI Homes provide what is healthy and suitable for the general well-being of individuals and growing families.

Beyond reliable structures,

DMCI Homes

’ residential communities provide a solid foundation where a family may create a place of their own and grow in a space they can truly call home, now and for years to come.

Because the project is built and developed by

DMCI Homes

, you are assured of getting optimum value of your money, exceptional features and amenities, and a world-standard level of craftsmanship borne out of more than 50 years experience in the construction and development industry.
DMCI Homes first Philippines developer to receive quadruple A license. DMCI Homes, is the country's first real-estate firm to be recognized as a quadruple A contractor. The quad A license given to DMCI homes is currently the highest given to firms that satisfy the institution's requirements. This also allows the AAAA builder-developer to qualify to be invited to foreign bids. "The categories are defined on the basis of financial capacity, building experience, and expertise of technical personnel, among others. The AAAA license just signifies our building capabilities. After all, we are a company of builders, through and through, and we are proud of it" says AVP Jan Venturanza - DMCI Homes .

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1. How do I make a Reservation?
To Reserve a unit, you need the Reservation fee, Client Registration Form, TIN, Reservation Agreement. The rest of the requirements can come later.

2. What is the minimum downpayment for move-in at a mid-rise and high-rise development?
The standard downpayment term for mid-rise developments is 10-90, and for high-rise it is 20-80, unless a certain project is given a certain promo term.

3. If the client paid the downpayment in cash, how long will it take before he can move in at the unit ( for RFO project )?
If the project is RFO (ready for occupancy), the turnover of the unit is done after 45 days to 60 days from issuance of clearance, whereby clearance is issued only upon completion of downpayment.

4. What are the terms that you have?
Depending on which project, we have minimum down payment of 10% to 30% and up to 50%. We also have a 100% Cash option

5. What are the Financing Programs Available?
In-house Financing and Bank Financing. In-house Financing only requires Post Dated Checks while Bank Financing generally requires Proof of Income. Banks have lower interest rates compared to In-house Financing

6. What are the accredited banks?
Asia United Bank, Bank of Commerce, BDO, BPI, Chinabank, China Bank Savings, Eastwest, HSBC, Maybank, Metrobank, RCBC Savings Bank, Philippine Business Bank, PNB, PSBank, Robinsons Bank, Security Bank, UCPB

7. How about Parking?
Parking is a separate computation, separate title. We have covered and outdoor parking. There would be free open parking but this would be first come first served basis.

8. Can I purchase 2 parking slots if my unit is a 2-bedroom?
Some projects allow purchase of more than one (1) parking slots, but majority will only permit one (1) slot per unit.

9. When do I get to move in to my unit?
After completing the minimum down payment you will be tasked to inspect the unit, settle the turnover fees (usually around 40k). This process would take 30 to 45 days.

10. How long is the warranty period of the unit once turned over? What is the coverage of the warranty?
The unit has a 2-year warranty period, and the coverage is the workmanship.

11. If I opt to have my unit leased out, can DMCI Homes manage the lease of the unit for me?
Yes, DMCI Homes has a leasing management department that takes care of your leasing requirements.

12. If I’m an OFW without a checking account, as is the case with a lot of OFWs, will the company assist us in opening an account for the monthly payments of DMCI Homes’ condo purchase?
The assistance for a local checking account should be requested and is subject to Finance’s approval.

13. What are your requirements if I choose to put the name of the unit under a corporation?
The standard requirements are secretary’s certificate, articles of incorporation, board resolution, and the valid IDs of the corporate secretary.

14. How much are the monthly association dues?
Association dues vary from project to project. It’s around 35-50 pesos per sqm of the total area of your purchased unit.

15. After full payment of the unit, how long is the processing time for the title to be released?
The title is released at least one (1) year from full payment.

16. Do we allow pets in any of our developments?
We don’t generally allow pets in the developments, unless otherwise stipulated in the deed of restrictions.

17. What are the standard distances per building in a mid-rise and high-rise development?
The standard distance is 8 meters on the average.

18. How many meters is the set-back of our developments from the main road and Elevation of the development from road level?
The standard set-back and elevation of developments from road level is 3 meters on the average.

19. Are they Furnished?
No they aren’t furnished. Some projects though have the Home Starter Kit, where you can purchase a package deal for furnishings.

20. What is a single-loaded corridor? What is the Lumiventt technology?
A single loaded corridor is the standard floor layout of DMCI Homes developments, where the unit is facing an open area and not another unit, unlike other building developments.
Meanwhile, the Lumiventt building design is a combination of several building design features that aims to maximize the natural benefits of light (lumen) and air (ventus).

This building design, first introduced by DMCI Homes, allows light to enter and fresh air to freely circulate among common areas and even in the residents’ individual units. First introduced in DMCI Homes’ flagship high-rise project, Tivoli Garden Residences near the Makati CBD, it is now present in other DMCI Homes developments like La Verti Residences in Pasay City and Royal Palm Residences high-rise condos--Kawai and Kamala--in Taguig City.

Employing single loaded corridors, three storey high sky patios at the front and back of each building, breezeways at the end of each floor, and central atriums every five floors, Lumiventt basically allows the high-rise projects to breathe.
Compared to the usual cramped and claustrophobic feeling that is predominant in today’s condominiums, the Lumiventt Advantage promotes healthy breathing and healthy living through wide open spaces, abundant greenery, and the country’s predominant weather conditions.

21. Is there a provision for water heater and washing machine in all unit types?
Some projects offer these provisions, but because of the existence of the service area at the rooftop, the provisions for washer and dryer are already available there and will therefore no longer be available within the unit. See the specifications per project.

22. What are Closing Fees?
This covers Documentary Stamp Tax, Transfer Fees, Registration Fees, notarial and documentation fees and other administrative and handling fees in order to transfer title to buyer’s name

Closing Fees covers Documentary Stamp Tax, Transfer Fees, Registration Fees, notarial and documentation fees and other administrative and handling fees in order to transfer title to buyer’s name. This should be settled before you loan from Bank or Pag-Ibig since they require this.

23. How can we see the site?

Just let me know when you wish to visit the site. I can meet up with you at your convenient time and location.

24. I talked to an Agent and his computations and prices are different from yours?
Computations and prices are all the same across the board for all DMCI sales channels. If you have different computations, I suggest to have your seller double check this. Before contracts are made, all signed computation sheets go through DMCI Finance Department to check if they are correct and valid.

25. The UNIT Types I wanted are ALL Sold Out! Is there a way to still get the unit I want?
Yes. We get the latest updates for reopened units. These are announced a day before they are reopened. Reasons for reopening would be, a unit is released from corporate hold, original buyer backs out or transfers to a different unit, model units are turned over to inventory, etc. Once a unit reopens, it’s going to be “First Come, First Served with no option to Hold until 12:00 PM” . It is essential that you pretty much know about the unit you are interested in and have your Client Registration Form, Reservation Agreement and the Reservation Fee ready. For Immediate Response and Assistance Contact Me Directly

As for requirements, to reserve a unit, one would only need to fill out the following 2 forms:
Client Registration Form
Reservation Agreement Form

A reservation fee for PHP 20,000 for unit and PHP 10,000 for parking (optional unless parking is required) would be required which can be settled in cash, check or credit card. Reservation fee can also be wired through accredited DMCI remittance centers.

Other requirements that one would need within 7 days from reservation
1. Valid Ids  ( 2 government issued ID. - TIN Card, Unified ID, Passport, SSS, Phil Health, Driver's License )
2. Proof of Billing
3. Signed Computation Sheet
4. Birth Certificate if single or Marriage Certificate if married

Requirements to be submitted up to 30 days from reservation along with signed contracts
1. TIN number - if not available, we can get new ones for the buyer
2. Philippine Post dated checks for the down payments
- If not available, one can make use of a friend’s or relative’s checks with authorisation letter or make use of Auto Debit Arrangement from accredited banks.

Special Power of Attorney
If a buyer is unavailable to transact, he or she can assign a representative to transact on his or her behalf.
Here are some notes to consider before reserving a unit
Unit turnover is 30 to 45 days after clearance of minimum downpayment for accounts under In-house Financing. So if RFO date is for example November, your turnover date would be December. For bank financing, you should apply for the loan at least 2 months before RFO date. Bank loan processing takes over a month and you can not move into your unit if the loan hasn’t been released to DMCI.

On turnover of the unit, one will be assessed turnover fees. This amount varies depending on unit and project but an estimate would be around 35k to 50k. This covers Meralco application, joining fees, water meter, fire extinguisher, etc. This is different from CLOSING FEES.

Adding/removing another person to the contracts after 30 days from reservation requires a fee of 10k per contract so for example, unit + parking, that would be 20k. There is also a fee if within 30 days if the person is not a relative of 1st degree.

Submission of checks is very important. One should make sure that even the slightest error, words or letters that are unclear, misspellings are countersigned. DMCI treasury returns these checks. This is very important for those who are unable to submit checks personally at our site offices (overseas clients).

After submission of everything, your notarised contracts and official receipts shall be sent via courier by DMCI. This is usually after 3 months. If your billing address is overseas, these can be picked up at DMCI corporate office.

One can transfer unit free within 30 days of reservation. Transfer of unit can still be done after 30 days but within 6 months from reservation up to 3 times with transfer fee.

For bank financing, there are bank charges so one must be ready for this when applying for a loan. One must apply for bank loan at least 2 months before the RFO date. It is much better if this is done earlier (6 months before).

Parking is not guaranteed so if one needs a parking slot, it is best to purchase. Condominium projects have more units than parking. Some projects may have visitors parking. If there are unsold parking slots, these are usually for rent. Only parking slot purchase is allowed per unit. For tandem units, one can get tandem parking. If one has more cars, he or she would need to rent a slot.

There will be monthly association dues which depends on the size of your unit. This is usually 35 to 50 pesos per sqm depending on the project. There is also annual property tax which will be discussed to you by PMO.

Discounts and Computations
All Computations here make use of fixed computations and fixed discounts set by DMCI Homes.

1. Regular Discount – This is the first discount given which varies depending on the down payment chosen and of the financing chosen 2% to 10%

2. PDC Discount – This is a standard 2% discount given after the Regular Discount

3. Spot Cash discount – A discount given on any spot cash made whose percentage depends on the number of months left until the unit is finished. Maximum of 6%

Reservation Requirements
As for requirements, to reserve a unit, one would only need to fill out 2 forms. A reservation fee for 20,000 for unit and 10,000 for parking (parking is optional unless required by with certain units and projects) would be required which can be settled in cash, check or credit card. Reservation fee can also be wired through accredited DMCI remittance centers.

Other requirements that one would need within 7 days from reservation
1. Valid IDs
2. Proof of Billing
3. Signed Computation Sheet
4. Birth Certificate
5. Marriage Certificate if married

Requirements to be submitted up to 45 days from reservation along with signed contracts
1. TIN number - if not available, we can get new ones for the buyer
2. Philippine Post dated checks for the down payments - If not available, one can make use of a friend’s or relative’s checks with authorisation letter. Another option is through Auto Debit Arrangement with accredited banks that support this.

Cultural Center of the Philippines (Roxas Boulevard, Manila)
Ayala Tower One (Makati City)
The New Istana Palace (Sultan’s Palace, Brunei, Darussalam)
The Asian Hospital (Filinvest Corporate City, Muntinlupa)
The Manila Doctor’s Hospital (UN Avenue, Manila)

Prisma Residences
Pasig City

Experience complete access to the CBDs of BGC and Ortigas while enjoying the different shades of nature. Revel in the overall convenience of a home that reflects the spectrum of quality, craftsmanship and competence
Mirea Residences
Pasig City

Take a step back from the stresses of your fast-paced urban life. Move into a lush tropical sanctuary where you can live life unhurried. Undeniably a treasure for you and your family
Levina Place
Pasig City

Just when you thought city living is all about pavements, buildings, highways, and busy communities, be ready to be inspired as DMCI Homes brings Levina Place, a three tower mid-rise community, perfect for growing a family
Infina Towers
Cubao Quezon city

Infina Towers is a high-rise residential condominium project in Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, carrying the DMCI Homes brand. The development promises to deliver an exclusive and distinctive living experience.
The Celandine
Quezon City

DMCI A Bonifacio Quezon City

Home is where you call it a day at The Celandine, where every corner is created to accommodate a delightful living experience.
Lumiere Residences
Pasig City

Is a high-rise resort-inspired condominium development along Shaw Blvd in Pasig City. Like most of DMCI Homes branded residential projects
Calathea Place
Paranaque City

a smart investment decision, is another premier condo community project of DMCI Homes a company of innovative builders and  engineering experts who develop modern day living solutions for urban families
The Orabella
Cubao, Quezon City

The Orabella, is a resort-inspired, high-rise condominium project of DMCI Homes-a company of innovative builders and engineering experts that develop modern day living solutions for urban families.
Torre de Manila

Torre de Manila, is an exclusive residential community right in the heart of the city. Leading universities, reputable hospitals, and key business and commercial centers of the Metro area all  within easy drive or commute.
Asteria Residences
Paranaque City

Finally, a unique living space you've been craving for will soon rise in the South. Make the most of the revitalizing swimming pools, lush landscaping and larger-than-life amenities, all in a peaceful mid-rise community.
Through continuing research,


became a pioneer in several advanced construction application technology in the Philippines. Taking this into account,


enjoys the patronage of both new and repeat institutional clients whose businesses have benefited from


’s on-or-ahead-of-schedule completion philosophy.

The hundreds of landmark infrastructures constructed by


symbolize the expertise and professionalism of the Filipino engineer. Some of the landmark infrastructures that


built include:

Mactan Shangri-La Hotel (Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu)
Makati Shangri-la (Makati City)
Shangri-la Resorts & Spa Boracay (Malay, Aklan)
Manila Hotel (Rizal Park, Manila)
The Westin Philippine Plaza/Sofitel (CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila)

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