Is your business taking advantage of this opportunity?

We can help your business and your seller on how the interactive premium website achieved their target goal without wasting time or travel just to expose their names and the project they sell. Through proper online marketing strategy training with their website, your seller can easily invest on their time to market your projects without any company marketing expenses.

The Interactive website and your sellers operate 24/7. They can easily answer to their visitors without living their site manning schedule. Seller can easily expose their online marketing presence on their direct contacts and viral social media referrals, worldwide.

Individual Interactive website can easily deliver to their clients or prospective clients in just a matter of seconds or minutes and their visitors can easily view online the interior of the house model with auto play project video presentation. With this your seller will be confident and happy in online or offline career in your company and their productions.

Our offer: Individual Interactive Website Systems Platform with International Advance Internet Marketing Strategy Training Consultancy.
2018 Advanced Interactive Real Estate Website Mobile Platforms - Development Features:

Dynamic Page                                                                                         
High Security Level    
Auto Play Project Video’s
Individual Website Name
Website Language Translator
Website Branded QR Code Technology
Customer can Call you via Mobile                                                          
Customer can Email you via Mobile                                                       
Customer can Text you via Mobile
Customer can Chat/Video Call/Call Online via PC/Mobile
Customer can Share your website in any Social Media platforms via PC/Mobile
You can share your website in any Email Platfoms via PC/Mobile
You can share your website in any Social Media Platforms via PC/Mobile
You can share your website in any Messenger Platforms via PC/Mobile
User’s Friendly, No more attachments, One Click, One Text - Customer Mobile
Upon website turnover  - Google Search Indexed Ready
Why you need a website?                                  For DMCI renewal/upgrade Included:
Easy to recommend and understand your detailed projects           1)  25 DMCI PROJECTS (included upcoming projects)
You are available 24 by 7 and Build Trust in online presence        
2)  Career Page for Manager
One Click “
Sharing” “Tagging”  “Texting” in any Platforms              3)  Advanced Web SHARE, MSNGR, EMAIL, TXT,CALL
Send via TEXT Message or Announce your own Keyword via      
4)  Update / Edit / For FREE upon request
SMS, Post Ads & Social Media.                                                     
5)  For PHP 2,500 annual/renewal only for DMCI

What we can do?                                                   Advanced training requirements:
We BUILD Your Website - Online Marketing Presence                    1) At least 10 Individual Interactive Website Developed
TRAIN and We SHARE Advanced Online Marketing                 2) Briefing for below 10 Individual Website Developed
Strategy & Awareness
The Internet can quickly bring your business to consumers and company buyers around the world. This offers keen observations to purchase from your business and not your competitors.

With the concepts presented, Web services has turned client’s websites around and brought them new clients from around the globe. No more sending out expensive brochures, which takes time and costs a lot of money to produce only to see 98% end up in someone's recycling bin! There are lots of benefits in having a business web site. But the most important is that an Interneteractive web site is now a customer requirement. Without an effective interactive internet presence, your competitors are the winners. 

MR. BOBBY MAGTANGOB                                                
International Internet Marketing Strategist
Online Marketing Consultant and Trainor
Business Marketing Head
International Website Solutions ( )

Opens new online marketing solutions that help and build online site/exclusively for Individual real estate agents that has no time in online marketing strategy, video marketing, search engine marketing, social media optimization. Dont have time to develop a website or looking for new online marketing platforms that boost online business presence in world wide web. Our extensive industry experience helps you gain strategic advantages over your competitors…

Our System consultants with strong understanding of technology and solid online marketing expertise offers you the best Advance Internet marketing and strategy solutions. Well defined online marketing strategy makes you visible in the online market and Drive sales.

Your own interactive websites  helps you in online business presence. We provide a ready interactive website platforms for your real estate online marketing strategy.  Our systems support auto generated campaign positions such as: more link exchange gateway, backlinks to your interactive website, systems online submissions PR strategy, auto generated cloud keywords and our exclusive system spider programs (spider analysers) that  easily direct position in online marketing search optimization.

Our success comes from the promotion of your Online Interactive Websites!

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